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TECKNOGREEN® S.A., is a Company which, according to the modern times, will hand over, quick , profitable , ecological and innovative solutions, for the economic sections, like Construction, Mining, Landscaping and Architecture.

TECKNOGREEN® S.A.., is a Chilean company, with presence in the National market as well as in the International Market, in countries like: Peru, Uruguay and Mexico, which in their respective places have introduced ecological and innovation concepts, according to Exclusive Distribution Contracts, protected with TLC's and good faith.

TECKNOGREEN® S.A.., manufactures, distributes and commercializes innovative and ecological products, being supported by sections like: Economic Ministry of Chile for registered marks and industrial patents, Cicmex for all type of business related with external trade, Anasac which give us solutions for gardens and fields in general, and very soon by Commerce Cameras of important countries.

TECKNOGREEN® S.A.., is a commercial platform situated in Santiago de Chile, who's base is an intense work for obtaining a better quality of life for people, answering to the needs of sections, each day more demanding.

In the same way, conscious of the responsibility we have as an aggressive and innovative Company, we have developed two products: DUROGREEN® and GEOCELDA®, which we present to you immediately.

TECKNOGREEN® S.A.., greets their commercial partners and we wish you a great success.